Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ready Stock @ our workshop 5 unit of prefab wooden houses "Rumah Geladak Jawa". Made of recycled hard woods. Front face size 343cm backward 463cm (includes terrace 181cm x 343cm) and 75cm overstep at every side so it takes total space 493cm x 613cm. This Prefab wooden house is suitable for your home, villa, cottage or resorts houses,made of reclaimed teak and also other hard timbers, original paintings, terracotta tiles. Completely knocked down and easy to relocate. The investment value keeps increasing all the time. About us: Truly Joglo Kudus is your ONE STOP SOLUTION for your Joglo, Limasan & other wooden houses types for your home, villa, hotel or restaurant. Specialized in recycled teak supply and custom carved Joglo. supply/ manufacture "Rumah Adat Kudus, Joglo Ukir, Pendopo, Gebyok" & pergola. Having cooperated with world-class architects & consultants such as Ground KENT Architect (GKAI), PT. Wijaya Tribwana International, PT. RAMAWIJAYA International Design. Info & inquiry : Telp/Whatsapp:(+62) 08112724234 Facebook: Arif Joglo Java Bali email: We, Truly Joglo mainly supply Joglo house and other kinds of wooden houses. We also meet your other orders like , Joglo Pendopo, Gebyok, Rumah Geladak, Jineman, Gazebo, antique furnitures and primitives. We are ready with various size, materials, carving or non carving and friendly price for continuous mutual business (reseller price). We frequently use recycled materials especially recycled teak wood for strong and good quality constructions and ready to meet any climates. We have qualified sourcing, human resources who manage wood-working and carving and also cooperated with well-known Architects, Consultants and Contractors like PT. Tunas Jaya Sanur, PT. Widjaya Tribwana International (Landscape & ID), Ground Kent Architect who have managed great projects.

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