Monday, March 20, 2017

Pendopo Joglo Ukir Jawa @ Klaten, Central Java by Truly Joglo Kudus

Javanese " Pendopo Joglo" Wooden Houses has its variant namely "pendopo" means a hall. It needs at least 9.5m X 11.5 meters space. It is open, no walls frequently used for family gathering, meeting or even a restaurant. We have 1 unit of this kind by applying old carved Joglo originally from Kudus. This one seems to be prefab wooden houses and open for modified ones (Custom Designs & size by Customers). We frequently use Old Joglo &  primitive Panels to make them more beautiful. So Indonesian Architecture. Suitable for your resort, lodging, villa or garden need since they are easy and cheap to mantain, anti_earthquake and good for investment. They can be relocated easily since they are knocked down. Please visit our Workshop to see & nego directly without any broker. Your Trust is Our Honour. Your Satisfaction is Our Goal.

Rumah Joglo, Pendopo & Rumah Geladak Jawa Jati Antik motif Gebyok ukir primitive. Ukuran bervariasi atau silakan jika mau pesan dengan ukuran dan budget anda. COCOK buat INVESTASI rumah, taman, kebun, villa, resort, Penginapan bahkan untuk mushola. Anti gempa, perawatan mudah dan murah. Intinya RUMAH GELADAK JAWA atap Joglo MURAH tapi tidak MURAHAN karena kami mengutamakan kualitas, kekuatan dan keindahan.

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